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My app for this month is The idea is to use a stable diffusion model along with an on-demand t-shirt printing service to create a website where people can say what they want displayed on their t-shirt and get it sent to them. All of the images in these blog posts on are created using stable-diffusion and I think they look pretty cool! I recently did this manually with a t-shirt of mine using stable diffusion and Prodigi service and it turned out nicely 👇

Pigeons drinking coffee in the style of Francis Bacon

Heres some other examples of stable diffusion in the style of Francis Bacon:

I like the idea of using artist styles on t-shirts because it can create really colourful strange imagery. I may add in some template styling into the site so people can easy pick out artist styles they like. Also I think saving the images used in previously ordered t-shirts to the website as examples people can see will be cool. So we'd have like a gallery of previous printed t-shirts and their prompts that were used to generate them.

User interface

I think the UI will be very simple like an onboarding flow with steps:

  1. text prompt
  2. choose image (max 10 generated)
  3. tshirt style (color, size)
  4. pay (stripe checkout)

There will be no sign-in but maybe like a username field if the user allows us to save the image to the gallery that will get displayed by the image/prompt.


I'm going to build this app in node with express as the http server and pug as the template engine with tailwind as the css styling. The goal for this is to build the app functionality this week (UI with express server connected to stable-diffusion model) and then figure out the Stripe payments and Prodigi API part next week for orders.

I liked using sqlite DB in my last project Spartan Mode so i'll probably use that again for storing the orders data and examples gallery data. I also want to build my project with Docker and host on Digital Ocean droplet because having a custom image for Node/Sqlite projects I think will be handy for future projects.

Thats all for now. I hope to publish a progress update at the end of this week.

Thanks for reading,